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Winning Glo-Bus!

Winning Glo-Bus! One of the most common questions amongst new Glo-Bus players is “what is the most” important thing to do in Glo-Bus that makes them win. Unfortunately, there is not just one thing, but a collaboration of many elements that turns a Glo-Bus company into a winner. The foremost element that makes any company the best is net profit, which concludes that you are slanted to have a Earnings Per share (EPS), Return on Equity (RoE), Stock price, and credit rating. But how does one attain net profit? In comparison to other such simulations such as Glo-Bus’s big brother, BSG, the ideas of expanding capacity, upgrading, and fancy private label strategies (It is called discount bids in Glo-Bus) is out of the question. Glo-Bus innately relies upon market sales, and therefore requires to have the most value for it’s products. It is critical in Glo-Bus to have significant market share and making a decent profit at it. Increasing market share is a very gradual effort, the nature of the game does not allow quick and profitable ways to greatly increase a company’s standing over a round. While increasing market share, you are now leveraging the power of economies of scale, and through that you are able to hire more PATs (production assembly teams) which helps lower those fixed costs. The initial key to beginning to increase market share is simply having good value for your entry-level and multi-featured cameras in relation to your competition. While market share is the foremost element, it will take the collective success of many elements if your wish is to be the top company.

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