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A lot of people over the years said I should do a Blog, but I think maybe I should start one up and see how I like it. The Blog may have BSG or Glo-Bus tips, strategies, advice, hints, tricks, and even secrets. But unlike the very serious discussions in the discord, I’m going to make the Blog light hearted, more random, but still have it BSG oriented. Lol, then you can see how a Grand Champion thinks on a very common basis, and hopefully it may help you think in a different way to help you win BSG or Glo-Bus.

So random stuff, I watched Robin Hood last weekend, I thought it was a pretty interesting movie. I don’t know why, but I thought of BSG the entire way. Seemingly, there’s a shortage of money for everyone, from the common peasant, aristocratic nobles, and the King itself. What does this remind me of? Maybe market followers, market challengers, and the market leader. In a time where there is a shortage of money (A recession), Robin Hood demonstrates that every person in the industry is scrambling to protect their own hide. Even King John was really scared to lose everything he had, his position wasn’t secure at all. Obviously the nobility (market challengers) want to protect their interests, and even have a shot at being the market challenger if they get lucky. And whatever extra scraps of profit market followers get (peasants) they’ll take it to improve their lot in life.

So the lesson to take from this is that in a recession, no one’s position is secure, nobility can overtake the King, high nobility may be humbled into peasants, and peasants may find themselves in a position to move upwards. Recessions in fact offer a chance to res-hake the natural hierarchy of an Industry, and in desperate times, people will be desperate to do many things.


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