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Business Strategy Game Tips –

Which Market Should I Produce Shoes In?

This is a commonly asked question in which market to be in by many people who plan to do “niche marketing” and plan to dominate certain market segments to win. The trick of the game is not to get hung up on focusing on one market, as that limits you.

In the real world, Pepsi and Coke fight for dominance in the soft drink industry. Pepsi focused upon North America and therefore has the huge advantage in this part of the world. Coke’s strategy is different, they went into several countries and tried to carve out a market share everywhere. It is because of this Coke is the greater corporation internationally while Pepsi is the greater corporation domestically. In terms of risk and just overall greater success, it is because of Coke’s greater global coverage over Pepsi that makes it a less risky and more profitable company.

So to bring it back to BSG terms, you need to compete in every single market competitively if you want to do very well. Make sure you are taking your respective piece of the market share in each area and a little more if you can. The profits of controlling the industry will help you win the business strategy game.

While being in every market is a goal of a successful multinational company. This is also linked to having production facilities in that market to support it. As a company wants to be in every market, it will be important to choose a factory that supports it. Having a European plant is a strategic move that is not often chosen by companies because it is not realistic to have the European plant produce shoes for many of the regions. But having a European plant does serve immense uses when it builds shoes for the European market. The slogan for international business is “think global, act local”, and in winning the business strategy game, that becomes true when a company builds specific factories for specific markets.

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