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Win BSG – BSG 7.20 and BSG Online

Back in 2002, the authors of the Business Strategy Game released version 7.2 (or BSG 7 for short). This is most likely the oldest version that any post secondary institution may still use. The game was administrated by the professor within the post secondary school. However, in 2004 the newest version of the Business Strategy Game known as “BSG 8” or “BSG Online” emerged, and today most universities play this version of the game which is entirely run by Business Strategy Game Central.

I happened to transfer universities around this time period and was lucky enough to play both BSG 7.2 and later BSG Online. The game at it’s core was the same, but there were several fundamental differences. I would personally say that BSG 8 became easier with the introduction of “Investor Expectations” which creates a set bar of what companies should at least be achieving. Therefore if they at least achieve these very low expectations, they will not be failures. BSG 7.2 was completely bell curved and the frequency of people going bankrupt was not unheard of. BSG 8 is also much more forgiving in mistakes, such as celebrity bids, in BSG 7.2 if a new company makes the noted “Celebrity Mistake” it would be impossible to immediately undo it. In the new Online version it is very possible to correct the mistake within a year.

If you’re looking around for a university be warned that if you end up playing BSG 7.2, the chances of failing and going bankrupt are significantly higher.

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