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From the office of a Glo-Bus Simulation Game Grand Champion.

Dear Graduate,


How would you feel if you knew all the secrets I have acquired about The Glo-Bus Simulation Game?

I am referring to the Cameras and Drones for 2018.

I am a former Glo-Bus Simulation Game Grand Champion which means I have discovered all the strategies, tips, secrets and stand as the foremost authority of the Glo-Bus Simulation. And the best part.. I want to help you win too.

With my Glo-Bus Simulation Game Help, techniques, strategies, and tips, you will destroy all that stand before you. I’ve played the Glo-Bus Simulation Game over 100 times over 6 years and I’ve literally seen all the circumstances that win games and lose them while always crushing my rivals. Regardless of how smart they were, how better their GPA, or how determined they were, or even if they won Glo-Bus in the past. I accelerated past them with lightning speed that they could never hope to catch up. Companies who thought they had the win in the bag were suddenly finding themselves second or third place to me. And would often end up defeating themselves in attempts to bring me down. Past participants may know a little about The Glo-Bus Simulation Game, but why not ask someone who has won several times?

With a career spanning back to 2010, there’s arguably no one on the net who has the same level of experience I command throughout all the versions of Glo-Bus from 2010 to the present day. Just last semester, I had a crowning glory moment, in which I can now say I turned a bottom last rank feeder into an Industry Champion with 2 well executed years that turned the landscape of the market.

No matter what decision year you are in, how bad your cash levels are that you are about to go bankrupt, or if you and your team is about to fail the class right now – you can SUCCEED in The Glo-Bus Simulation Game by reading my EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND EXECUTE strategies, advice and tips. Period. I’m not one of those guides who are going to bore you with theory of what you could have done. I’m announcing I have the cure to bring back the dead, and make you a winner utilizing all my frameworks I’ve developed that has solidified my position as a Glo-Bus Simulation Game Grand Champion.

Here on Glo-BusTips, I support a forum answering all questions you may have on the Glo-Bus game. When you subscribe for Glo-Bus Tips, you will never be alone. I’m only an email away, your membership also allows you private access to parts of the site I decided would be too dangerous to be left in the public domain.

“Would You Want To Underwrite your Team’s Success?”

Now it’s possible with The Glo-Bus Industry Champion Strategy Guide.

Glo-Bus is always a new experience with new players and new dynamics. The strategy which one games, does not mean it will work in another. If you’ve read the Glo-Bus Player’s Guide, you might have realized this game can be confusing and complex and you’re stumped on how you should 1) Create a winning strategy and 2) Implement Decisions that won’t screw you over in the long run.

That’s why I exist, Glo-BusTips and my Globus Industry Champion Strategy Guide makes those 2 parts easy and saves you time to work on other projects. If you’ve come to my site by chance while trying to find help on the Glo-Bus Game before you start, currently playing the game, or in the process of LOSING THE GAME. The solution is here with the first and most successful Glo-Bus Industry Champion guide on the web penned by a Glo-Bus Simulation Game Grand Champion.

This was note a stroke of fate that you came to my website. You were searching for ways to secure victory in the Glo-Bus Simulation Game which is undoubtedly a large part of your final grade and maybe even the key capstone class to graduating. And here you’ve discovered the solution to your dilemma!!!

I’d say most students want to win and get a high mark in the Glo-Bus Simulation Game, be triumphant as an Industry Champion, graduate, and get on with your life. If that’s all you want, then get The Glo-Bus Industry Champion Strategy Guide immediately and ensure your victory!!!

The Glo-Bus Industry Champion Strategy Guide


Here’s What You Get in The Glo-Bus Industry Champion Strategy Guide:

Glo-Bus Industry Champion Strategy Guide

Written by a crowned Glo-Bus Simulation Game Grand Champion.

My guide features easy and methodical instructions on how to approach decision screens in the most effective way possible. Strategy is just as important as execution and in The Glo-Bus Simulation Game my guide will give you the foresight on how to avoid the common mistakes that plague new players. And how to make your company a powerful market leader able to crush opponents like it’s nobody’s business. Cut and Dry strategies that are proven to work will allow your company to steal market share acquire profits that will just tick off your enemies. My guide also contains the strategies on how to kick start your company into profits and the tools required to be implemented if you are trying to stop hemorrhaging if your company is about to go bankrupt.  

Detailed explanation of the 8 decision screens that will force your company to be in its efficient and most profitable form.
Discover the real secret of what specifically gives a Glo-Bus company the competitive edge.
Exercise the knowledge that allows you to distribute the best entry-level and multi-featured camera and market them with amazing results.
Three Year Plan rules simplified to attain the highest score your company can achieve
Apply my conservative discount bids strategy that will immunize your company from bankruptcy. At the same time, you’ll generate significant amounts of income from the hardest market to extract revenues from.
Learn the single most powerful strategic financial decision you can make that WILL force your team as one of the big players in the Industry for years to come.

Also Includes!!!


The Glo-Bus Magic Year 6 Numbers


I’m giving away my potent recipe within my Glo-Bus Industry Champion Strategy Guide. Year 6 starts off for everyone, and uniquely has a glass ceiling. Advantages and disadvantages are balanced, and Year 6 sets the scene for what will transpire for the remainder of the simulation.

Those beginning years of the Glo-Bus Simulation Game Company are really important, and major mistakes on your company early will have significant impacts in the later game which I refer to as “scarring”. This is what my guide unique, I show you how to kickstart the game in the right direction, before you put yourself into a financial mess that may take years to dig yourself out of.


The Glo-Bus Magic Year 6 Numbers is the COMPETE proven and tested, utilized and formalized strategy of socking away about $30,000 Net Profit in Year 6, which is your first year. The strategy itself is very well rounded, able to handle a variety of situations, and will get first place against all, but the most formidable, and most intense of circumstances. Safe to say, this allows you to take the   company in any strategic path you choose after this first year of Glo-Bus.


Want to make Year 6 SIMPLE? Do yourself a favor and get the solution from a Grand Champion on how this game is suppose to be played. This complete decision set for Year 6 is almost guaranteed to put you into first place! You won’t be disappointed.


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