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BSG Online Tips – Know Your Competition

When I first played the Business Strategy Game, I was intimidated by the amount of numbers and I didn’t feel I would ever be able to master the game. I talked to a lot of my friends who expressed the same sentiment, but in different ways. Ultimately as I rose the ranks of BSG by winning the business strategy game, I began to realize a trend of the “typical” individual who would usually win the business strategy game.

The individual may have an academic background, hard working, analytical, skills such as creativity are a plus, but being an individual who deeply analyzes and is very motivated to win the game acts as one of the most common recurrent themes in top BSG players.

The second characteristic that is typical of a high ranking BSG player is a competitive or gaming component. Those who play lots of video games (usually RTSs or Real time Strategy) have the background understanding of how games work and what to look for to win it. Someone who is labeled as a “gamer” in a business class, but not someone extremely academic, is someone who can potentially do very well in BSG.

And as unfair or prejudice as the last component is, is that someone who does very well in BSG is a male. Very, very rarely are there high ranking female BSG players, one only has to look at the Hall of Fame and find feminine names as Grand Champions. And the very few who are, are they in groups, potentially with a guy? It is extremely rare to find a lone female as a Grand Champion of BSG, although there are several male counterparts.

It is good to look at your class and see “is that someone who fits the profile of a good BSG player, they may be academic, but do they understand “games” or if they play lots of games are they smart enough to lend that skill to something academic like the business strategy game. And of course it is important to realize where you fit in the typical profile of the business strategy game. For those of you who are female and probably don’t play games, you need to really utilize your high academic motivation to win you the game.

A joke I have for other males who are struggling in an industry who describe to me their class. Whenever it comes to that pretty blond girl, you can almost bet she isn’t going to make it in BSG by herself. That guy who is specializing in IT and knows how to take apart computers…. that’s the guy to watch out for.

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