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Business Strategy Game

A question I sometimes hear from people is why some companies are able to get outrageous RoE in the Business Strategy Game. Sometimes business strategies can get up to 99.9%. Unlike what people think, having a high RoE is actually a product of a bad past, in the great sense of it all which is probably going to make them lose the Business Strategy Game.

Return on Equity is net profit/ Shareholder’s equity. And whatever your net profit is, your shareholder’s equity will increase with subsequent years, therefore by the end of the Business Strategy Game, it is very difficult to have a high RoE, because you have so much stockpiled equity. In fact a successful company has trouble keeping up their RoE in the Business Strategy Game.

But what happens if a company had difficult years? To the point they had a negative equity, due to big losses in several years? This is quite common to losing companies in the Business Strategy Game.

For example, a succesful company with $30k net profit and an accumulated $200k in equity would have a 15% RoE. This is an excellent beginning in the Business Strategy Game.

But a Business Strategy Game company that had a $10k net profit, but their accumulated equity was only $1k ($1000) because they were in the negative for years and just rought their RoE back up. The RoE would start hitting that  99.9%.

Just something to note.. while high RoE is amazing.. it’s usual background is a checkered Business Strategy Game past. Any Business Strategy Game company that is doing decent, won’t realistically have RoE higher than 50%, and most likely will not sustain it.


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