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  • Detailed explanation of the 8 decision screens that will force your company to be in its efficient and most profitable form.
  • Discover the real secret of what specifically gives a Glo-Bus company the competitive edge.
  • Exercise the knowledge that allows you to distribute the best entry-level and multi-featured camera and market them with amazing results.
  • Three Year Plan rules simplified to attain the highest score your company can achieve
  • Apply my conservative discount bids strategy that will immunize your company from bankruptcy. At the same time, you’ll generate significant amounts of income from the hardest market to extract revenues from.
  • Learn the single most powerful strategic financial decision you can make that WILL force your team as one of the big players in the Industry for years to come.

Glo-Bus Industry Champion Strategy Guide

Written by a crowned Glo-Bus Simulation Game Grand Champion. My guide features easy and methodical instructions on how to approach decision screens in the most effective way possible. Strategy is just as important as execution and in The Glo-Bus Simulation Game my guide will give you the foresight on how to avoid the common mistakes that plague new players. And how to make your company a powerful market leader able to crush opponents like it’s nobody’s business. Cut and Dry strategies that are proven to work will allow your company to steal market share acquire profits that will just tick off your enemies. My guide also contains the strategies on how to kick start your company into profits and the tools required to be implemented if you are trying to stop hemorrhaging if your company is about to go bankrupt.

The Glo-Bus Magic Year 6 Numbers

I’m giving away my potent recipe within my Glo-Bus Industry Champion Strategy Guide. Year 6 starts off for everyone, and uniquely has a glass ceiling. Advantages and disadvantages are balanced, and Year 6 sets the scene for what will transpire for the remainder of the simulation. Those beginning years of the Glo-Bus Simulation Game Company are really important, and major mistakes on your company early will have significant impacts in the later game which I refer to as “scarring”. This is what my guide unique, I show you how to kickstart the game in the right direction, before you put yourself into a financial mess that may take years to dig yourself out of.

The Glo-Bus Magic Year 6 Numbers is the COMPLETE proven and tested, utilized and formalized strategy of socking away about $30,000 Net Profit in Year 6, which is your first year. The strategy itself is very well rounded, able to handle a variety of situations, and will get first place against all, but the most formidable, and most intense of circumstances. Safe to say, this allows you to take the   company in any strategic path you choose after this first year of Glo-Bus. Want to make Year 6 SIMPLE? Do yourself a favor and get the solution from a Grand Champion on how this game is suppose to be played. This complete decision set for Year 6 is almost guaranteed to put you into first place! You won’t be disappointed. I have one more Special Bonus

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BSG Champion Package

  • Glo-Bus Industry Champion Guide
  • Glo-Bus Magic Year 6 Numbers
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