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BSG Hacks & Cheats

Gamers like myself who play BSG or Glo-Bus instinctively think… there’s got to be a hack .. or a cheat to either BSG or Glo-Bus. As a veteran maphacker, you can trust to say that if such a hack or cheat existed, I would know, and more importantly, the vulnerability would have been patched up. I played a game (I repeat not BSG or Glo-Bus) that had a hack, where you could view the other opponent’s resources, a huge ADVANTAGE. But hugely significant measures were taken to squash that vulnerability. Until finally, hacks and cheats just didn’t exist. But guess what? All the hacks and cheats actually made me a good player, sort of like training wheels, I was able to accurately to tell resources, and foresee circumstances without the maphack or hack tools I once had.

The greater threat… is experience…. and it’s safe to say that in BSG and Glo-Bus, I have plenty of it. That’s truly the only vulnerability this game has, thankfully in University, once people play the game (usually at the end as a capstone course) they don’t have much time in university to tell their friends, and whatever knowledge they had accrued is lost. BSG and Glo-Bus classes are specifically set up so that minimum time is spent in post secondary after playing the game so that their experiences are gone from the institution thereafter. A conspiracy I know lol.

While there are no “silver bullet” strategy in BSG or Glo-Bus, what secrets, tips, advice, tricks, hints, advice and walkthroughs, that have been extracted from experience is extremely versatile in dealing with a plethora of circumstances in both games. Isn’t that a lot better than a few parlor tricks like a cheat or a hack?

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