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Grand Champion’s Library

I dedicate this page to Madhav Tankha, who was one of my closest friends in BWW . Why else would I waste a few hours finding stuff that less than 5 people on this planet called Earth will even understand today.  Typically, if it’s not making money, I don’t do it. 


On September 5th, 2013, the anniversary of the Founding of BWW. A shocking discovery was made! The locations of the old Inquisitor’s library had been found beneath mounds of rubble. These curios were lifted from obscurity, and placed back into preservation.





This artwork was done by Slothien, aka Francisco at the height of the Silver Age. There was a whole mythology here, which has probably been lost to the ages. But it went something that a snake enjoyed cutting itself on the sword.


Another oddity was uncovered…





BWW noble courtWhat fuckness is this?




BWW hierarchy Techtree


Conceptually this is pretty cute. Pretty flawed though. I think I wrote some poem on how this worked, but yeah, forgot the specifics.


The next curio WAS going to be this comic strip giving mention to an Earthquake…


Along with a artwork showing what is a battle cruiser plummeting down in front of castle.



But maybe I’ll save that for 2023.