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BlizzWarWorlds experienced many events in its long history. The, ages and eras would pass, and although BlizzWarWorlds eventually fell, it left a sound impact on those who were a part of it. The majority of BlizzWarWorlds was eventually lost, but fragments and lost artifacts of this bygone era survive to modern times. The history of BlizzWarWorlds is the greatest of the very few treasures that remain.





                                                    September 2003 – October 2003


                                                [Early BWW]


September 2003, The Founder Gandalf establishes the group soon to be known as BlizzWarWorlds.  The early Republicans were afraid of a hierarchy and most specifically an autocrat who could arbitrarily make decisions and cast them aside. The early republic maintained a slow democracy to lead the group with Gandalf simply being the Guardian of the Republic. 





Throughout this month BlizzWarWorlds tried to get use to its new surroundings and prepared to make maps. This is the one month that BWW was naive, underdeveloped, as total democracy ruled during this short period, and failed. Like all democracies, the BWW members of the time voted on what kind of map they wanted to do, which ended up being the RPG. Most of those initial members left thereafter. Eventually BWW would decide to drop the RPG over a year and a half later since it was decided through democracy.


On September 4 2003, Gandalf proposed a mapmaking group for Warcraft. The group was immediately popular as a Great Discussion began to take place.


On September 21, The group became known as BlizzWarWorlds and was given their own forum. After a map was voted on by those first few members, discussion for the RPG ” The Orb of Oblivion” began. (This map would never be completed, and was eventually dropped during the Silver Age due to diminishing resources, with the official scapegoat that the map was sanctioned by the early Republic and not members of the Principate (The Court of BlizzWarWorlds).


On September 23, Gandalf made the Announcement Thread. This would later be foundation for the Ministry of BlizzWarWorlds.


On September 27, The Slogan for BlizzWarWorlds was “We put the Zug in Zug Zug”. This issue was controversial and would be of future debate later.


On September 30, The Greek Mythology Tower Defense ” Battle of Mount Olympus” was given the official “go”. This map would not start immediately and was meant to be secondary map.




October 2003 – September 2004


[Reign of Terror]



One of the most pivotal events in BWW history was the rise of DarkTerror. As the new High Inquisitor of BlizzWarWorlds, DarkTerror’s early reign was meant to be a public office, one lower than the Founder of BlizzWarWorlds, Gandalf. In effect BWW was still legislated as a Republic, but the powers bestowed upon the Inquistor created a de facto monarchy which we can now be labeled “The Principate”. Many people feared that his new position would bring BlizzWarWorlds into an absolute monarchy. DarkTerror quickly quelled the thoughts of rebellion legitimizing his claim with unique ties to the Founder and the Republic. Although in principle the High Inquisitor office was meant to serve the young Founder. The Reign of Terror had begun and BlizzWarWorlds was never going to be the same.


The Golden Age of BlizzWarWorlds was throughout the time that DarkTerror ruled BWW. Characterized by the excitement and innate fragility of the group, a period of art, creation of the Court of BlizzWarWorlds, would set the standard of all BWW ages.







October was a month of great change with the emergence of the High Inquisitor and his shocking rise to power. His policies would someday become the heart and soul of BlizzWarWorlds. As BlizzWarWorlds became more of a united group, than a ragtag team. This month onwards would begin the reign of BWW’s aristocracy as the Ministry and the Line of Inquisitors. At the time though, the rise of DarkTerror and the Inquisition was feared, and many viewed it to be a dictatorship. BWW would later become a true full fledged aristocracy as new members would soon join the Ministry and the formation of the Noble Court. BWW’s tiered system and those who can date their membership to the group at its earliest periods became the unspoken rule in BWW.


Negotiations of an alliance between the democratic, powerful and prosperous Starcraft mapmaking group, BlizzScums led by BSTRhino and Doom Dragoon.


On October 7, An ambitious storyliner sent Gandalf a private message that would bring about some order in BlizzWarWorlds. This member was DarkTerror.


On October 13, DarkTerror became the High Inquisitor of Departments and the “Reign of Terror” begun as BlizzWarWorlds experienced huge change in the next few weeks. The High Inquisitor’s deadline thread came up and through it; it revealed the new system that BlizzWarWorlds was going towards the system of Hierarchy.


On October 20, Plans for the alliance between BlizzScums and BlizzWarWorlds surfaced.


On October 25, DarkTerror created the Inquisitorial Quiz to check up on status of how members were feeling. This quiz became a great symbol of the early days of DarkTerror and his reign.


On October 26, DarkTerror took control over the sign up thread.


(Note, the intial date of the Founding of the Ministry has been lost forever However the Ministry was once governed by the Founder and High Inquisitor, later on the Senior UnderSecretary would join the Ministry. October 27 is the earliest known reference regarding the Ministry)




November was a slow time period in terms of progress in maps. The fledged out authority of the Inquisitor, brought about the Ministry, the Senior UnderSecretary, and the Alliance with BlizzScums,and the Greek TD. BlizzScums and BlizzWarWorlds formally signed the alliance, however only a short time afterward, BSTRhino retired from leadership.


On November 3, the second map began constuction. The TD “Battle of MountOlympus”.


On November 6, Plans for another top level manager was in the making. The Senior UnderSecretary of Supervision.


On November 16, BlizzScums and BlizzWarWorlds signed the alliance.


On November 18, Plans for DarkTerror to become a moderator was brought up.


On November 24, A Major member of BlizzScums stepped down. The member was BSTRhino who was a major component in coming up with the alliance as well as assisting DarkTerror with many tasks.


On November 26, Zero (old friend of DarkTerror) became the Senior UnderSecretary of Supervision.



December is known to be a silent period in BWW. Nothing bad really happened but because of the forums being closed down, not much happened and a great deal of information was lost. The Age of DarkTerror began to strengthen as he became a mod, but the age of BSTRhino finally collapsed in full.BlizzScums felt a decline now that BSTRhino was banned out of BlizzForums.


On December 1, the Slogan was changed to “Breaking the Bonds of Reality”.


On December 3, DarkTerror became a full Moderator. And history began to be recorded.


On December 14, a plight occured that threw all of BlizzForums off into Oblivion


On December 18, BlizzForums regained a position in reality but was in tact only in its December 7th state.


BSTRhino was eventually convicted in being a major factor that caused the black out of BlizzForums. BSTRhino lost his powers, titles, and respect he had built up in the the last 6 months in only 5 days. He was then banned from BlizzForums and the end of the Rhino Era ended with him.


On December 31, A look back at BlizzWarWorld’s first thread reveals that it was Mtankha who fathered the name. It also foretold of DarkTerror’s ideals of making a map group work. All of them came true.




Janury is another period of great change in authority. With the Senior UnderSecretary’s position, Custom Creation and the Ministry being reformed. It allowed 2 other founding members of BlizzWarWorlds to help the group become more organized. Departments such as Terrain and Triggers and the new Sub Department such as Object Editting had many ranking changes to make them all more efficient.With that in mind, BlizzWarWorlds seemed to be on the road to success. But at the end of the month, BlizzWarWorlds would experience one of its first great crisises.


On January 3 2004, The High Inquisitor unified the Departments of Custom Creation creating an all powerful Universal Custom Creation Department that would serve all current maps. ShadowHawk is given the title Top Officer of Custom Creation and is given membership to the Ministry.


On January 7th, the map Supremacy has recieved recognition of being a future map. The Senior UnderSecretary Zero grants his power to Mtankha the Second Senior UnderSecretary of BlizzWarWorlds. Mtankha becomes the second Senior UnderSecretary and recieves the membership from the Ministry that comes with it.


The Competition of the Universal Signature officially takes place between the House of Supervision and its greatest rival the Universal Department of Custom Creation. (Mtankha vs ShadowHawk).


The Powers of the Senior UnderSecretary in Zero’s time was by far much more powerful than when Mtankha took over. However, between the Founder, High Inquisitor, Senior UnderSecretary and Top Officer. They made up the well grounded Ministry.


On January 13, a debate between Departments 3 and 4 occurred over the tasks in Object Editting for spells and abilities. It was decided a Sub Department of Object Editting was to be created to serve both Departments. Sargeants became a new rank for future Sub Departments.


On January 16, BlizzWarWorlds annex thread goes up in the main mapmaking group with the expansion with DarkTerror’s modship into the regular WC map development forum.



On January 18, BlizzWarWorlds was thrown into a state of Chaos by an intrusion by a pair of violent flamers. BlizzWarWorlds was never braced for such an attack, and the Ministry was hit hard. Anarchy ensued as the powers of the entire Regime, (which include the Founder, High Inquisitor, the Senior UnderSecretary, and the Top Officer of Custom Creation as well as all DepartmentHeads), was fading and most noticebly as some of the greatest symbols of BWW began to fall.


On January 21, At the doorstep of total collapse of the Ministry and all that was within its care. The members of BlizzWarWorlds responded that the Ministry should forever hold strong and instead of reverting back to the political situation of October they should keep the “Ancient Regime”. For as long as the members believe in the system, the Ministry and everything beneath it will always be powerful. The Ministry was restored along with other important icons and placed back into the peaceful days prior to January 18.


On January 24, The introduction of FieldMasters and usefulness of the rank Sargeant became more evident in the Departments of Terrain and Triggers. The Deadlines thread is changed to the House of Inquisition Thread as well as the Announcement thread is changed to Ministry Announcements.


On January 29, Former SS Zero, and Current HI DarkTerror get into a terrible argument thus ending a year long relationship in mapmaking. (Finally in February 2010, the legacy successors to DarkTerror would reconcile with those of Zero).



February was a relative quiet month for BlizzWarWorlds. Many foreign affairs took place in BlizzScums with the huge revolution that took place.The Emergence of WB also became a new founding platform for another mapmaking group for Starcraft. It would soon be known as Starchitects and founded by BSTRhino and Doom Dragoon. The system of Starchitects was planned to be very loose compared to BlizzScums and most definitely BlizzWarWorlds.


On February 7th, The Universal Signature Contest finally came to an end. ShadowHawk won the contest and his signature became Official.


On February 8th, Several mods and admins left BF to help found WB. Rhino has long been part of the Org Network which was associated with WB. DoomDragoon has decided to leave BlizzScums and help Rhino found something new at WB.


On February 17th, DarkTerror Day was celebrated. This was the High Inquisitor’s birthday, and thus he made it a “half holiday”.


BlizzScums goes under a new leader called Drakain Zeil, and a whole new regime to lead BS.


On February 22nd, BlizzWarWorlds celebrated their Bi-Annual anniversary since the founding of the group.



March was still another quiet month but was reaching prosperity again. Although Tassadar (FieldMaster of Terrain at the time) had to go on hiatus. Tassadar was able to finish the terrain for the TD. So progress was not slowed. The fourth map called Fire and Water was given the go to begin construction. The starting of Fire and Water finally epitomized that High Inquisitor DarkTerror was the unquestioned authority of BlizzWarWorlds. All remnants of a fragile, separated,and rebellious group were no more. BlizzWarWorlds began entering the peak of its Golden Age.


On March 8th, BlizzWarWorlds decides to begin construction of yet another map. The fabled map of Fire and Ice, that was the legendary goal of High Inquisitor DarkTerror and current FieldMaster Tassadar.


On March 17th, DarkTerror had a funny chat with Mtankha. DarkTerror asked many interesting questions if he liked earthquakes


On March 18th, Mtankha asks DarkTerror how he knew about the Earthquake that happened in India. Did DarkTerror foresee the earthquake? The events of these 2 days were put into a comic which can be viewed in the Art Gallery.


On March 25th, BlizzWarWorlds celebrated the Black Jubillee of the half year reign of DarkTerror. A new version of the Inquisitorial Pop Quiz was given out so everyone could do.


On March 31st, FieldMaster Tassadar must take a leave from BlizzWarWorlds, thus leaving the Department of Terrain in anarchy




The month of April was a very good time for BlizzWarWorlds for it centers the apex time of the Golden Age. There were many great developments as Custom Creation became the powerhouse it was meant to be, the Creation of the Noble Court of BlizzWarWorlds which would push BWW into a full aristocracy, and the construction of the website. The many fantastic pieces of art let BlizzWarWorlds have cultural advancement that made the group more unique and special. BlizzWarWorlds watched its counterpart BlizzScums and the predicaments they were in. In the early months of BlizzWarWorlds, BlizzScums was in a fantastic period. While BlizzWarWorlds struggled. The situations greatly changed a few months afterwards.


On April 4th, High Inquisitor DarkTerror gives BlizzScums their anniversary gift depicting their current declining situation and the power BlizzWarWorlds that has built up over the months.


On April 6th, The Pledge Policy of BlizzWarWorlds is set into place. The Recruitment Sign up Lobby also states the essential information for members who want BlizzWarWorlds to make their map, and if they get to govern its construction.


On April 7th, All Assistants of Cusotm Creation were promoted to Sargeants for their all their hard work And thus strengthening the power of this Department furthur.


On April 11th, the Art Gallery in the deadlines thread came into existance. Serious talk amongst the Ministry regarding a future site for BlizzWarWorlds also became a main focus as preparation for the first map was coming soon. The initial choice as WebLord was DarkTemplar.


On April 15th, the Court of BlizzWarWorlds is established. The Court is a second base level of authority in BlizzWarWorlds. FieldMasters and Department Heads are invited to join the Court, as well some members can be appointed to the Court for their special services.


In the following days the following Courtiers of BlizzWarWorlds were intiated. They were the first Courtiers to be fully initiated.


DarkSoul, The Ambassador of BlizzScums

Slothien, The Court Artist of BlizzWarWorlds

Tassadar, The FieldMaster of Terrain


(Note- A logical Courtier of BlizzWarWorlds was Nuker, unfortunately he initially declined. He would come back and become FieldMaster of Object Editting)



On April 17th, the Colorful Ranking Table illustrates the ranks of BlizzWarWorlds. Made by the Court Artist Slothien.


On April 21st, Serious discussions with the WebMaster Neo of BlizzScums to help create the site of BlizzWarWorlds. The next few days many discussions were held on what to do for the site. The BlizzWarWorlds site had however, a promising future.


On April 22nd, The Coat of Arms of BlizzWarWorlds was finished creation. It would known as the symbol of the Ministry and everything under its domain.


On April 29th, Mtankha released “Mtank’s Revenge”. Mtank’s Revenge was a short but hilarious cinematic of BlizzWarWorlds. Starring Mtankha, and his antics as he explores the land of BlizzWarWorlds. Mtank’s Revenge began an interesting trend that would be continued later on, as well it promoted a possible future map. The BlizzWarWorld Hero Arena.


On April 30th, Sargeant Nuker created fantastic badges for all BlizzWarWorlds members to wear. The badges were extremely useful, as well their size was perfect. The badges in effect replaced the old purpose of the Universal Signatures (which none were ever made). Thus the badge became yet another symbol of the growing fellowship within BlizzWarWorlds.




The month of May carried on the great prosperity that April enjoyed, although to a lesser extent. This month is known as the time when the BlizzWarWorlds website went up, as well the month that Tassadar came back to rejuvenate his Department of Terrain. Object Editting finally took on most of its indepedence as Nuker was appointed FieldMaster of that Department. The relationship between BlizzScums and BlizzWarWorlds strengthed under new Co-Leader Oaf of BlizzScums.BlizzWarWorlds continued to prepare itself for the completion of their first map, but at a much slower rate than in April.


On May 2nd, It became known that both Neo and DarkTemplar were WebLords to BlizzWarWorlds. Both were attempting to achieve the same goal in creating the best possible BlizzWarWorld website. And both had incredible amounts of talent and resources to accomplish this task. The Ministry and Court of BlizzWarWorlds was ready to support either side. And soon one of the 2 WebLords would become more dominant than the other.


On May 9th, Object Editting finally becomes its own Department. Thus officially having 6 Departments within BlizzWarWorlds. Object Editting would continue to be below the Top Officer of Custom Creation. However only as a mere figurehead since the new FieldMaster of Object Editting would have full control of the Department. The new FieldMaster of OE is Nuker, a very capable and long time member of BlizzWarWorlds.


This day was also very important since it was the first day that the BlizzWarWorlds site officially went up at It was DarkTemplar’s layout that was used, as Neo fell in love with DarkTemplar’s layout However, it was Neo’s help that gave BlizzWarWorlds a .com address and a stable host.


On May 18th, FieldMaster Tassadar returns and reclaims his place amongst BlizzWarWorlds. As the single most powerful entity beneath Members of the Ministry.



On May 21st, a curious member of BS named Oaf rose up to the rank of Co-Leader of BlizzScums. Oaf implemented many BlizzWarWorld policies into BlizzScums and thus started to change the way of BlizzScums for the better. At last, the BlizzWarWorld system proved its dominance over the former BlizzScum system as BlizzScums became more and more BlizzWardian.


On May 26, the past few days the forums were blacked out. But on this day the forums came back on and thus more of the story of the curious BS member continued the next few days. Oaf agreed to the age old alliance with BlizzWarWorlds and began to embrace BlizzWarWorlds as a friend and ally in the forums. BlizzWarWorlds thus was held in higher regard as more and more BlizzWardian ideas came into BlizzScums. When the old alliance was made, BlizzWarWorlds would be the subordinate group to BlizzScums. At last BlizzWarWorlds finally asserted them into the capital position of the partnership. Oaf would always be known as a hero in BlizzWarWorlds (Like Gorbachev) for his acceptance of highly superior concepts that all others of his station and higher shunned. Renewal of the alliance made way for a future positive relationship between the 2 groups, a relationship that was very one sided for an age.




June was a slow month as everyone finished up their school year. The Golden Age is now in its twilight months.


On June 3, FieldMaster Nuker of Object Editting becomes a moderator of the Warcraft III Mods and Map developement Forums. Nuker would change his name to Heptameron and have a “semi new” outlook on the forum. BlizzWarWorlds dominance over the main map making forum solidified.


On June 17, The Ministry releases “The Return of Terror” the sequel to Mtankha’s Revenge.


On June 21, The Creator of the BlizzWarWorld website layout called DarkTemplar left BlizzWarWorlds.



The month of July was supposed to be a productive month but it wasn’t. DarkSoul became the full leader of BlizzScums at the time and so relations did improve between the 2 declining groups.


On July 20, Ambassador DarkSoul of BlizzScums becomes the Grand Ambassador as he ascends to the leadership of BlizzScums. DarkSoul became the leader of BS by winning the leadership election against Oaf. Oaf shortly left BS forever. Surely ties would finally be strengthened between the 2 groups at last.


On July 25, Grand Ambassador DarkSoul becomes a full moderator.


On July 29, Tassadar steps down FieldMaster of Terrain and he is suceeded by ArticFox. Tassadar becomes a mere Sargeant of Custom Creation.


On July 31, Oaf resigns as Co-Leader of BlizzScums.




The month of August went by quickly and quietly. No major event occured. This proved to be an all time low in the “Classical Age” of BlizzWarWorlds. Mean mouths began to question the leadership of the High Inquisitor, DarkTerror, whose personal decline had become most evident and the state BlizzWarWorlds was no longer reputable.




The month of September went by smoothy and sadly. The governing High Inquisitor (DarkTerror) announced his retirement the following month. Thus ending his reign of 1 year. BlizzWarWorlds was stirred by the loss of its first High Inquisitor, as well as Top Officer ShadowHawk who also decided to retire. Advances in the Greek TD were made as FieldMaster Heptameron geared his department of Object Editting to finish its last pieces of work. The only thing left to do was balance the map fairly, and was being done so by FieldMaster of Triggers, Gandalf. Unfortunately DarkTerror never had a map released during his reign, but he endured the hardships that his sucessor would enjoy the work and time he put into BlizzWarWorlds.


On September 6th, it became evident that DarkTerror’s Age of Gold-Iron was melting away and soon it will be over. In his thread, he made it known who the heir apparent was, the Senior UnderSecretary Mtankha. Mtankha would inherit all of DarkTerror’s resources on October 5th, the same day the year before that DarkTerror came to power. When Mtankha would become the High Inquisitor,DarkTerror would be no more.


DarkTerror had many secret projects that were not known to many until this date. Such as the Seal of Inquisitors, the epitome of all of DarkTerror’s strength. It was drawn by Court Artist Slothien and they began working on it together 2 months before.


Another such project was BlizzWarWorlds FAQ, it was created by the Founder Gandalf and the Court Artist Slothien who began working on it nearly 4 months ago. This enchanted book was going to be something special in its future.


DarkTerror had one last major surprise up his sleeve, but only time would tell if it came to fruition. All of these projects were supervised and concocted by DarkTerror, but only became reality when he used the wealth of BlizzWarWorlds. Wealth that Mtankha will be able to use at his whim.


Also on this day Top Officer ShadowHawk of Custom Creation steps down from his post, leaving his position in the hands of many respectable members in his Department that will someday soon choose a new Top Officer.


On September 9th, BlizzWarWorlds had its first anniversary. On the Anniversary thread, DarkTerror individually said goodbye to those whom he met throughout the course of the year that helped make up his reign. There was also the thread The End of the Age of Gold Iron which outlines all that DarkTerror was going to bequeath upon Mtankha.


On September 11th, Court Artist Slothien is promoted to the position of Top Officer of Custom Creation.


On September 17th, the old Custom Creation thread is taken down, and is replaced by a new one under the leadership of Slothien483. Slothien also became the first Ministry Member that was not part of the initial founding of BlizzWarWorlds, however he did hold the reputation of being a member of the “Classical Court” of BlizzWarworlds.


Slothien was most favored by the old and ailing High Inquisitor, however it was not he who gave him the title of Top Officer of Custom Creation. When Former Top Officer ShadowHawk retired, he left the decision between the future Inquisitor, Mtankha, and the lowly Court Artist Slothien who was also a Sargeant of CC. It was agreed between both of them, that ShadowHawks position would be entrusted to Slothien, who would arguably someday become the second most powerful member in BWW.


On September 18th, a feud between BlizzScum leader DarkSoul and the current High Inquisitor, DarkTerror, errupted. The feud had several layers to it, both personal feelings about each other, the covetted WoW beta whom both lay claim to , and the hostile relationship between BlizzScums and BlizzWarWorlds.


On September 30th, DarkTerror posted a last Inquisitorial Pop Quiz to see where BlizzWarWorlds stood at this point, compared to how it was one year ago. BlizzWarWorlds greatly changed in positive ways and so DarkTerror knew he did what he was able to do.


October was the last days of an Era, and the beginning of another.


On October 5th, DarkTerror retired as High Inquisitor thus ending the Reign of Terror forever. Mtankha now rose as the High Inquisitor ready to lead BlizzWarWorlds in ways never thought up yet. Thus begins the Age of True Silver.


To remember the Age of Gold-Iron, the BlizzWarWorlds Hero Arena began discussion in full force once again.





October 2004 – September 2005


      [BWW Silver Maturity]


September 2004, the death of DarkTerror along with the end of Top Officer Shadow Hawk creates a power vacuum for the extraordinary powers of the Inquisitor once maintained by DarkTerror. Senior UnderSecretary Mtankha seizes the High Inquisitor office and promotes Heptameron as the new Arch Field Master of BlizzWarWorlds. The remainder of DarkTerror’s Estate falls into the command of Lord Viscount. These key events shape the most dynamic age BWW had yet to see.


Other notable time periods include:


March 2005, the Court of BlizzWarWorlds triumphs over Xiash, the most hated enemy of BlizzWarWorlds. As well it sparks the ascension of the new Sargeant Major, Chad, as one of the potential Heir of Inquisitors.


June 2005, Chad is crowned as the Senior Lieutenant via the resurrection of DarkTerror. The end of Mtankha would lead to the succession of the third High Inquisitor. A dark omen precedes Chad, that he would be the last of the true great leaders of BlizzWarWorlds. June was an interesting month in that it was technically an “artificial extension” of the original Golden Age.


August 2005, civil war begins over the Inquisitorial succession between rival factions of Mtankha’s House of Inquisition versus Lord Viscount’s Estate of DarkTerror. BlizzWarWorlds splits into 2 halves. And Mtankha is forced to abdicate.




The Month of October begins the Second Age, with dramatic changes in the Ministry and the Court of BlizzWarWorlds. BlizzWarWorlds accommodates the changes under its new High Inquisitor.


On the 5th of October, the Fall of DarkTerror and the Golden Age beckons the second Age. The Age of Silver commences with Mtankha as the new High Inquisitor. The House of Supervision is then upgraded into the powers of the Inquisition.The Elder House of Inquisition becomes the Estate of DarkTerror and undergoes new management of Lord Viscount, Castellan of the Estate. The Estate of DarkTerror would forever be one the last vestiges of classical BlizzWarWorlds prominence in the group.




The Month of November brought about the end of the Alliance with BlizzScums. With DarkTerror dead, the alliance withered away to dust. Custom Creation also lots a great deal of power as BWW’s primary focus changed to OE, as Heptameron’s powers and prestige increased. The Alpha version of the TD was released and so BlizzWarWorlds was progressing in one area. This month also brought forth a new member… someone who would be soon known as the Court Jester of BlizzWarWorlds……


On the 11th of November the Alliance between BlizzScums and BlizzWarWorlds ended. DarkSoul the leader of BlizzScums, felt an alliance was no longer feasible between the 2 groups, and so the alliance that was said never to fail, was broken. DarkSoul fell from Court that day.


On the 25th of November, a newbish member known as Xiash questions the BWW system after recently joining. Xiash proposes a new and improved system and the Ministry gives him a chance to prove his theories. If Xiash were to succeed, Xiash could have very well became one of the most powerful members of BlizzWarWorlds. But it was never meant to be.


On the 30th of November, the power of the Department Custom Creation considerably decreases. Top Officer Slothien loses his Ministry seat, but remains in the Court. The Ministry now focuses upon the new great department, Object Editing and it’s FieldMaster Heptameron.




December goes on with Christmas Festivities. Xiash fails to do any such progress with his “new and improved system”. Xiash then begins making ridiculous comics for BWW oddly enough. None of these comics were worthwhile to save and has been lost to time.


On December 10th, Xiash gives up on making maps with his new system and few members. Xiash made 14 points on why he couldn’t do it. Here they are:


1. the abilities were checked by many outside sources and all gave me the same response “wont work on battle net”


2. many people do not like those heros.


3. the game time fr this will be far too longfor anybody to hold together.


4. many things are impossible


5. the storyline was also reviewed and almost all said “it sucked”


6. this map has done nothing so far except give me a bad rep, made two members decide to almost leave us forever and wasted a lot of time.


7. this map is not what BWW is about.


8. i will not do this map.


9. neither will my workers


10. either i make a new map or its all over for this.


11. i am working on 3 new maps that are of good quality.


12. many maps sound like good ideas but turn out not to be.


13. nobody is at fault.


14. i counted to fourteen


To say the least… the Ministry wasn’t too pleased with Xiash…


Still trying to get over Xiash’s bizarre antics… BlizzWarWorlds opens up the Beta Board.




On the 20th of January 2005, BlizzWarWorlds increases its border by opening up the Beta Board in anticipation of their first map.



Powerful forces in BlizzWarWorlds begin to clash as civil differences erupt behind the forums in the month of February.


On the 17th of February, A Secret war erupts between the FieldMaster of Object Editing and the Lord Castellan of the Estate of DarkTerror, over the controversial celebration of the First High Inquisitor’s birthday.


On the 21th of February, FieldMaster Heptameron of Object Editing leaves BlizzWarWorlds temporarily, thus halting Object Editings’ progress. Some wondered why.




In the month of March BlizzWarWorlds begins to enter the Silver Age’s Apex period, where the Beta Board was new, and a new map came out. Some individuals began to join the forums just to post and praise BlizzWarWorlds first map, the The Battle of Mount of Olympus Tower Defense. Unfortunately… this good time was tarnished by the start of a very unfortunate and soon to be devastating event. For within the apex of the Silver Age, comes one of the greatest crisis of all BlizzWarWorlds history.


On March 9th, BlizzWarWorlds releases its first map. The Battle of Mount Olympus Tower Defense in its beta form. Lord Viscount begins construction of the new Silver Age Crest of BlizzWarWorlds.


On March 11th, Xiash is questioned about his usefulness and helpfulness in BlizzWarWorlds. Xiash was now long known to be spammy, annoying, downright useless at this point. But what made situations worse was that Xiash now had the gall to talk back to question the authorities of some members of the Noble Court. Saying they were worthless and powerless.


On March 12th, the Founder Gandalf puts Xiash on trial. Xiash is to now attempt to complete the Hero Arena’s Object Editing within 40 days. Xiash often bragged about his “amazingly uber” map making skills, and that complained he had nothing to do. He was now put to the test.


On March 18th, former BS member, Geno tries to join BlizzWarWorlds by presenting himself to the Noble Court. At the time Geno did not have Warcraft III at all, and so that is what made the situation rather delicate. But Geno was known to have helped BlizzWarWorlds abroad in BlizzScums, and was once extremely loyal to the First High Inquisitor..


On March 19th, The administration of BlizzForums makes a great announcement to all of the Warcraft forums, and Starcraft map making forums about the completion and success of BlizzWarWorlds first map.


On March 21st, the Court accepts Geno into BlizzWarWorlds. Geno then reveals that he had recently acquired Warcraft III and was busy learning how to map make.


On March 23rd, it was heard that former BS leader BSTRhino and his group, Starchitects, actually became dictatorship. Ironic for the “father of Independence”, and the one who promoted democracy, to become an even greater dictator than the “absolute monarch”, DarkTerror


On March 25th,Gandalf at long last obtains MSN thus uniting the Court through a universal messenger.


On March 26th.. Viscount works on a piece called the “Damnation of Xiash”. A versed and fictional story about Xiash viewed in a better light. Although few knew this, the story would explain the events to happen soon, in a profound way.




The month of April….only a year after DarkTerror’s greatest month of the Golden Age beckons one of the greatest sieges of all BlizzWarWorld history. Xiash is deposed by High Inquisitor Mtankha from BlizzWarWorlds, and openly tries to crush the spirit of all of its members. Xiash mentioned several times that he would see the end of BlizzWarWorlds, using any way possible, which included hacking…


All of BlizzWarWorlds tried to resist Xiash’s taunts, but it would never solve the problem.


Initially Lord Viscount and the Estate led the defense against Xiash bombardments, but Xiash began targeting Lord Viscount for his defiance. The Estate’s ancient authority began to deteriorate as Viscount now must meet the ultimatum to be banished BlizzWarWorlds forever so Xiash could “rebuild all that Viscount oppressed” or Viscount will face utter ruin by Xiash through some devious way. And through that all of BlizzWarWorlds majesty would be unraveled. Xiash now had some power over the Noble Court to hang dangling above their head, as all authority figures of BWW now lay helpless to the “Court Jester’s” blackmail and continuous flaming in the forums. Even the all powerful Founder Gandalf, realized he was powerless to stop Xiash in his quest to shatter the BlizzWardian Order. BlizzWarWorlds now sat in a dark hour which it hadn’t experienced in over an age…. And ironically during the Apex of the Silver Age…


Lord Viscount, nearly defeated, falls back into his comforting shadows and decides to pull strings in the darkness….. Unfortunately his dark art only provided a source of information for what would truly turn the tide.


The pivotal point during the siege was when ArchFieldMaster Heptameron returned, as Heptameron picked up where Viscount left off, defending BlizzWarWorlds in all areas against Xiash. The Noble Court was now fully restored, and led by the ArchFieldMaster, the Court finally was beginning to see the end of the Xiash problem. Aided by the Estate’s dubious insight and abilities, Heptameron was able to suppress Xiash so he would never have enough strength to threaten BlizzWarWorlds he once did.


On April 1st, “Leader for Life but I won’t do any work” Aya sells out BizzScums, by firing all BS members to once again merge with BlizzWarWorlds.


On April 2nd Yesterday was an April’s Fool’s joke.


Also on this day, Xiash, a minor Sargeant of Object Editing, who was known to have done nothing but have a big mouth, is deposed from BWW. Thus begins the travesty of the true and non-fiction “Damnation of Xiash”.


Like DarkTerror’s great tragedy in his time…. BlizzWarWorlds security and majesty, is shaken. The battle begins, as major courtiers and prestigious members alike realize that the problem will not go away by itself passively.


The battle ranged on for weeks afterward, as Xiash threatened BlizzWarWorlds with hacks, flames and spam. He began menacing major authority figures, saying they were abusing and belittling the other members. Old and powerful names like the former Senior UnderSecretary Zero were also brought up. Some believe that Zero came back to destroy BWW.


BWW was now in a confused state, as stickies mysteriously disappeared and reappeared, all the while as Xiash tries to destroy BWW’s morale. BWW did it’s best to function normally throughout all this.


On April 5th, Viscount shows the cryptic work called “The Damnation of Xiash” publicly. Only the most astute and clever individuals would realize that the story actually gave insight into BlizzWarWorlds. Some would realize what had happened in February and Heptameron, as well explain what was happening at the time. Sometimes it’s best to read the beginning, end, and then the middle of stories.


On April 8th, Xiash is officially given the well deserved title of… the Court Jester of BlizzWarWorlds. Little Xiash ever said was factual, and could be shown as true.


On April 14th, BlizzWarWorlds second map, Supremacy, is in alpha form


On April 15th, FieldMaster Heptameron returns to BlizzWarWorlds and then aids the Court in solving the Xiash problem.


On April 16th, Chad follows suit with Xiash and also leaves BlizzWarWorlds in a huff. Chad did a great deal of a work for the map Supremacy, and so his loss was a great one. Heptameron also decides to bring back the old BWW badges to help keep the group together.


On April 22th, Xiash is secretly defeated.


On April 24th, Chad is reinstated back into BWW with a full pardon from the Noble Court and is granted the title from the High Inquisitor, Sargeant Major of Object Editing for all of the work Chad did on Supremacy (He did all of it) and his great loyalty to the group. This would then make Chad virtually FieldMaster Heptameron’s second in command.


Although Chad’s shocking return was mostly left unanswered, most guessed Chad was a part of Lord Viscount’s dark agenda in getting rid of the Court Jester. In any case, Chad was not a traitor after all. Also on this day it was publicly announced that Xiash was defeated.


On April 29th, High Inquisitor Mtankha officially drops the RPG from BlizzWarWorlds agenda. The RPG was decided through democracy that fell a long time ago. And since the Ministry and all the powers that be, did not sanction the RPG, the Ministry had no obligation to finish the RPG. The Ministry still never had to drop a map that it wanted to create from the start.




The month of May shows the reemergence of BlizzScums. BlizzScums holds an election that brings out their 6th major leader named Kryok. What few expected was that Kryok sincerely wished for better relations with BWW. Unfortunately the Court of BWW was apathetic of the idea, and there were many concerns about the conflict between both group’s great hatred towards each other.


Also during this month were a few major events that helped polish BWW. This included the Silver Age Crest, the Arch Field Master title, and the prophecy of the Heir of Inquisitors.


On May 4th, New Leadership elections in BlizzScums are dicussed again. BlizzScums becomes surprisingly active in a very short period of time.


On May 17, Lord Viscount of the Estate of DarkTerror unveils the Silver Age of Crest of BWW.


On May 18th, High Inquisitor Mtankha brings out the Inquisitorial Quiz. This was the 4th time the quiz was used in BWW history.


On May 24, Heptameron receives an official promotion of ArchFieldMaster of Object Editing, as Object Editing goes into the spotlight as the jeweled department. Heptameron is now officially known to be one of BlizzWarWorlds greatest members, similar to the late Top Officer ShadowHawk and his former jeweled Department of Custom Creation.


With a powerful ArchFieldMaster, and a Sargeant Major leading the Universal Department of Object Editing, OE now stands greater than CC ever was.


Later in the day…. BlizzWarWorlds miraculously became even more powerful. The new Arch FieldMaster Heptameron was given a senior modship over all the forums. The Founder Gandalf was given a modship at long last. Geno was also given a modship. That would class 3/4 major members of Court having a modship. As well 5/9 members in BWW having a modship in general.


On May 25th, 2005, the Court of BWW assembles to discuss the future of BlizzWarWorlds. The Founder Gandalf initiates Court as the Arch Field Master Heptameron states his concern of the day. High Inquisitor Mtankha remains silent until Heptameron is done speaking and brings up a valid point of what to do. One of the main issues on this day is who will be the Heir of DarkTerror who would continue the line of Inquisitors. He would be the one candidate who could potentially succeed all four of the powerful courtiers when their power would run out.


The Court concludes as the one is decided, but given the condition that he would have to prove himself in time. The Lord Viscount, has faith in the candidate and speaks the prophecy that would spell the name of the one being that would succeed them all accordingly…and rule over the House of Supervision….


The Heir of Inquisitors


The first is fourth to Viscount.

The second is first to Heptameron.

The third is third to Mtankha

The fourth is fourth to Gandalf


A Sargeant Major will never rule BlizzWarWorlds.


On May 28th, Kryok becomes the new leader of BlizzScums.


On May 29th, under Kryok’s command. BlizzScums asks BlizzWarWorlds to reinstate their age old alliance. The notion of an alliance fizzled out days afterward, however Kryok, unlike other BS leaders, seemed to be very honest in that he wanted the two groups to be on better terms.


June and July


The month of June went by lazily. Instead most members of BWW began playing a game called “OGame”, a strategic slow paced game set in space. DarkTerror is resurrected and promotes Chad to Senior Lieutenant.


On June 2nd, BlizzScums opens up their Beta Board similiar to BlizzWarWorlds.




One June 15th, OGame is introduced to BlizzWarWorlds. Eventually all members start playing it.


June was a rather dynamic month as many members of Court began to take absence. The greatest one of note was High Inquisitor Mtankha, who simply needed a break from the drains of the eclipsing leadership. As other great leaders such as the Founder Gandalf and Arch Field Master Heptameron also began to take extended absences. BlizzWarWorlds was slowly beginning to meander to nothing.


What no one forsaw was the resurrection of DarkTerror, who quickly set BlizzWarWorlds back into motion. DarkTerror hand picked his chosen heir….. the new Senior Lieutenant Chad of the House of Object Editing. DarkTerror knew that by hybridizing the potency of the jewelled department and the blood of Inquisitors, he would bring forth a position of unpredecented influence and ability. The Line of Inquisitors was strengthened and BlizzWarWorlds future better insured.


Although DarkTerror quickly faded thereafter, the old House of Supervision map “Supremacy” was decided to be dramatically revamped into “Heaven and Hell”. The Heir of Inquisitors also took direct control of the maps Fire and Water and the Golden Age Hero Arena, thus making him a much more promising sucessor to DarkTerror.



During the dates July 2nd to 6th. The Founder Gandalf leaves BWW temporarily along with Arch Field Master Heptameron. Shockingly, High Inquisitor Mtankha also goes on hiatus from his normal duties.


With the leadership effectively weakened, and BWW already being in a lethargic state

of decline. Mtankha gave the Inquisitorial powers back to the Estate.


The dead corpse of High Inquisitor DarkTerror was revitalized.

DarkTerror had returned for a short time, which is referred to as the Extension of the Golden Age.


On July 7th, DarkTerror promoted Sargeant Major Chad of Object Editing to the Senior Lieutenant of the House of Object Editing. Chad’s powers greatly increased as both the jeweled department and the power of the Inquisitors were tied to his being. DarkTerror resurrection fulfilled the prophecy.


This new formation of power created the House of Object Editing, which dually ruled over the Universal Department of Object Editing and what was known as the “The House of Supervision”.




Chad’s enthronement would change the leadership of BWW dramatically. Like his eldest predecessor, Chad was a firm leader who was going to bring glory to BWW once again, and therefore was also known as “DarkTerror’s Pride”..


The Elder Inquisitor and the new “Heir of Inquisitors” were now about to take control over BWW once again.


On July 8th, the Supremacy beta is made public.


On July 20th, Mtankha returns and casts down DarkTerror back to the bowels of hell thus ending his reign for the second time.


On July 23rd, Senior Lieutenant Chad announces that Supremacy will have a major uplift. The map will soon have 2 races with one being angels and the other demons. The map is now known as “Heaven and Hell: The Supremacy”.


On July 24th, The Estate releases the cinematic “Rise of Nuker” for the very first time. RoN was shelved nearly a year ago since it was partly uncompleted. But it was eventually decided to show everyone the third cinematic of BWW anyways.


August and September


The months of August and September were dark months for BlizzWarWorlds as opinions clashed between the prominent High Inquisitor Mtankha, and the Ancient Lord Viscount.


On August 8th, OGame reaches higher recognition in BlizzWarWorlds since it was made known that all members played it. BlizzWarWorlds officially makes its own alliance in Universe 4 known as “The Order of Eternity” with the impressive Lord Viscount as its leader. This was OG’s highest level popularity in BWW.


On August 19th tensions strain the relationship between the House of Inquisition and the Estate of DarkTerror. This would be the beginning of the end for the Silver Age. And the pivotal point between the breaking of an old friendship.


On August 20th, Senior Lieutenant Chad goes on an extended holiday. His absence would make the oncoming conflict worse.


On August 28tth, Viscount retires from OG at rank 33 in the universe. OG slowly loses its popularity. The Founder Gandalf starts another Ministry thread in a small effort in trying to solve the approaching dilemma.


On August 31st, Court Scribe Geno posts up “Time for the Silent to Speak”, a thread criticizing the current leadership. The conflict begins as the Estate of DarkTerror and the House of Inquisition begin to argue over the running of BWW. High Inquisitor Mtankha and Lord Viscount, 2 of the most foremost members were at war over the leadership of BWW. According to the old rules of the Principate, the High Inquisitor position was a public office, which ended after a year’s term from the days of the Republic. Mtankha had finally let the power go to his head, and stewardship of the title was now a right, the façade of the Republic had turned into a “Dominate”.


This led to one of the biggest questions of controversy was who controlled the powers of the Inquisitor. Was it DarkTerror and the Estate he left behind? Or the current Inquisitor Mtankha? The Sucessor to all the Inquisitors was Chad, but was unfortunately absent. With the Founder not able to take effective action. This climaxed the “War of the Inquisitorial Sucession”.


On September 4th, BWW officially becomes a group for 2 years. Unfortunately it was not well celebrated in light of the ensuing power struggle between the Estate and Inquisition.


On September 7th, Chad returns and tries to correct the situation to no avail. The conflict hardens, as BWW becomes silent.


On September 9th, Chad releases Part I of End of Shadows. The story detailing the end of the Golden Age, and the start of Silver. This is ironic in the fact that the Silver Age was ending.


For remainder of September, there was silence.


October brings the end of the Silver Age, and the beginning of the last great age of BlizzWarWorlds. The Age of Bronze Steel.


Mtankha steps down as Inquisitor, as the Founder Gandalf now promotes the once minor member Chad, to the one of the most exalted positions of BlizzWarWorlds. However by the time of Bronze, BlizzWarWorlds was now sinking downward in a spiral. The great friendship between Viscount and Mtankha was most important to the survival of BlizzWarWorlds. With the friendship severed, BWW was now split between Mtankha’s old Silver faction and Viscount’s Gold faction. BlizzWarWorlds was now on a race to finish their goals set out two years before, and finish them once and for all.


Never again will it be the same in BlizzWarWorlds. The end of the empire is near.












The Bronze Age

October 2005 – June 2006


[Reign of the Last Inquistor]


(The very original dates of the Bronze Age was lost due to the very shaky circumstances of the time)



October 2006, BlizzWarWorlds is forever broken by the preceding power struggle which saw the fall of two of BlizzWarWorlds most political pillars. The division within the Court of BlizzWarWorlds, with the end of former Inquisitor Mtankha and the disappearance Arch Field Master Heptameron leaves “Western” BlizzWarWorlds into ruins. Mtankha’s Silver faction grumbles at their loss of power.


However, to the East a beacon of light shines brighter than ever piercing the darkness where the last Inquisitor lives on. Led by the new High Inquisitor Chad with the support of the Founder Gandalf and the remainder of DarkTerror’s Estate, Chad centralized the remaining offices to govern the rest of BlizzWarWorlds to respond to the arising situations quickly. It was Chad’s ambitions to once again the revitalizing BlizzWarWorlds. Little did he know he was about to face the greatest crisis greater than all of the hardships of his predecessors combined. 


High Inquisitor Chad rules over the House of Object Editing, the apparent assimilation of the former House of Inquisition, Supervision, the Department of Custom Creation and Object Editing. Effectively Chad had to take up all previous roles in the past. Valiant as Chad was to save BWW, the empire was doomed.


January 2006, the black plague suffocates BlizzWarWorlds into submission. Chad and the remaining vestiges of the glory of the empire fade from Bronze to Black.


By June 2006, the ancient regime that controlled BlizzWarWorlds for 3 ages finally fled into the darkness as all that was BlizzWarWorlds was lost to the destruction. The spirit of BlizzWarWorlds was lost to the Dark Ages.





The Dark Ages

 June 2006 – October 2009

                                                [Includes Chad’s Medieval revival]



From the complete capitulation of BlizzWarWorlds, many of its members scattered and communication was lost. Very few key individuals still kept in contact. But a pair safeguarded the heart of BlizzWarWorlds, one of whom was the diminished Senior Lieutenant Chad, who had since lost all the powers of the High Inquistor (The title would never be used ever again although Chad would retain his historic title Senior Lieutanant). The other was the Lord Viscount of the very diminished Estate of DarkTerror.


On December 5th, 2007, Chad decided that he would attempt to finish the legacy of BlizzWarWorlds and initiated a minor renaissance. Unfortunately the combined forces of Chad and Viscount would not be the acting catalyst to lead BlizzWarWorlds out of the dark ages. Unfortunately as valiant as the effort was, nothing would come of it.


Relations between the very few core surviving BWW members, Mtankha, Gandalf, Chad, and Viscount would grow distant. All of whom would have lost touch with each other.


Classical BlizzWarWorlds was gone.




Nov 2008 – Present day


                                                        [Industrial Age]


While BlizzWarWorlds fell into the dark ages, the Lord Viscount of the Estate fled carrying the secrets of DarkTerror, and incidentally, the legacy of BWW. Founding a new order of Champions, to preserve and protect ancient knowledge, The Order would be the direct successor to the Estate of DarkTerror.


Led by a Grand Champion in 2008 ,this highly secretive sect, the last surviving fragment of BWW is the spiritual successor the Estate of DarkTerror and First House of Inquisition of BlizzWarWorlds. A mixture of complex systems, hidden areas, and front line defenses. BSGtips was a veritable fortress, practicing the dark , yet monetarily profitable ways behind closed doors. Unlike it’s previous incarnations, BSGTips is an actual business. Controlled absolutely by the Grand Champion and the Order of Champions. 


In Nov 2008, Industry Champion Jarad begins the seed of what is called BSGTips….

 By Jun 2009, The Order was able to founded BSGTips a new centerpiece of power based upon the game BSG. The partnership between Jarad and Ryan has begun…

By May 2010. The Grand Champion won the Crown of Glo-Bus which gave the unification of both spheres of influence.

Early 2011 Apprenticed, Grand Champion Raymond who would later make the video guide. War erupts with a new rival, continues as BSGTips fights its first major battle.  Allied with BSG Consultancy and gained Frederic, the Grand Champion of Europe as an ally who allowed the site to go into different languages.

In 2012 rival site, is installed with a regent loyal to the Crown of BSGTips, and now acts as a subsidiary. Industry Champion Michael has joined the fold.

In  early 2013,  Adrian is hired to update the look of the site. Anthony, apprentice to the Champion, has now joined the order as the potential next Grand Champion.


Ancient Rivals of BSGTips..

Corvallis. Founded 2005,  Founded 2011,



Rivals, turned allies.


Jarad – BSGTips partnered

Raymond – WinBSG merged

Michael – BeatBSG – independent subsidiary. (First BSG site, founded in 2004)

Frederic -BSG Consultancy merged (founded 2011)


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