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About Us – The Truth About BSGTips

BSGTips was founded in 2008 by a Grand Champion of the Business Strategy Game. All these years and to the present day, I have maintained to be the most up to date, comprehensive and to the point guide on the web. This has helped everyone who has come to my site.

Like a Swiss bank I practiced discretion. I am happy to say that all the people who got to know me were very pleased with the help my site represents and the smoothness of their experience. I never brought trouble onto people.

In the summer of 2011, a rival BSG site emerged who would be caught with dishonesty. Originally touting they got “Special Permission” to operate to students and were above any other BSG help site. Within 2 months they had gotten themselves in BIG trouble and were thrown off the Grand Championship Hall of Fame. In an attempt to make themselves appear better, they decided to slander my site as false, although they know nothing about me or my background.

They were the ones who got caught in the worst way possible. And being the destructive person that he is, has tried to defame my site too. His whole site has now become one big clickbank and that’s his new plan to make money off you. I don’t know his true identity; however the names Wesley McCormick and Ado Ajanovic have come up many times and circulated throughout the BSG community and BSG Central. Go contact BSG Central and inquire, if you don’t believe me.

Both Wesley and Ado were BSG players and taken down from the Hall of Fame for “some reason”. And if actually did do identity theft, they are even worse.

For 5 years I have been here helping students as one of the oldest sites on the web. These kids were in high school when I first played BSG in 2006. Always being straight and honest, I never tried to mislead others. I am the real deal.

You will experience success and a greater understanding of the game with my help.

I guarantee you, or I promise I will refund your money. 

Contact me and make your own judgement call on which site is more reliable.

For more help contact us.

The Grand Champion of The Business Strategy Game and The Glo-Bus Simulation Game. For more Business Strategy Game Help that teaches how to Win Business Strategy Game and The Glo-Bus Simulation Game go to